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Are ALL android Hashtags ignored? PLEASE REPLY WITH ANSWER

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ostman58 ostman58

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After testing I think the following is true.
At this moment in time, January 6th 2013 nobody in the world using an android can get their hashtags to work properly. For people using non-android phones everything works.
The problem is as follows:
All hashtags are submitted with no error message and the behaviour is identical, ie - using a non-android phone or android phone the hashtag appears to work.
But the problem becomes visible when you look for the hashtag. Only the hashtags transmitted from non-android phones are showing up.
For instance:
Tuvacover has tagged photos with tuvacover but these are not showing up here
You can clearly see photos that are tagged with #tuvacover <- This looks for user names
But when searching by tag... <- This looks for tags
... the photos do not show up.
As this is probably affecting millions of users I am very surprised that this problem is not a) Fixed b) More widely reported
Therefore I wonder if there can be regional variations, maybe some users in some parts of the world are able to use an android and get their hashtags to work?

If I am correct I would suspect that there is a subtle difference in the way these hashtags are coded. It's likely that invisble characters (possibly escape characters) are being added to the android hashtags.

Either way this is a major issue and I am concerned about Instagram's lack of service and information in this respect as more and more blogs and user forums are reporting this problem. As people with Iphones can get their hashtags to work people start to query if accounts have been flagged etc. So far I have seen nothing else linking this problem as a an Android Only problem.

Would be grateful for feedback from other android users - Can you get hashtags to work?

If so. What phone? What android version? What instagram version?

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diana71702 diana71702

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I too have this problem. I have a Droid 4, and I am running the latest instagram version. This really bothers me that no one has fixed this. I have tried and tried to contact instagram support with no success. I have seen on other forums that there are a lot of people with this same problem and I personally feel like instagram needs to hop on it and fix it. Hopefully they will pay attention at some point soon and fix it.

 posted 1y ago

cjbn1878 cjbn1878

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Not working for me either. Running on a Samsung Galaxy s2... I actually opened up a new account to check, same problem! So I have 2 accounts with the same issue! Support seems a joke, the help centre is frustrating to say the least.

 posted 1y ago

tsmufc tsmufc

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Same shit problem. I have the latest version of Instagram and im running it on Htc OneS. it has Been more than 2 weeks now!!!

 posted 1y ago

ullsg ullsg

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I have a Droid RAZR MAXX my instagram version is v3.4.0 and I don't seem to have any problem. Maybe it's regional or something, I'm from Mexico, and I just checked with some mexican contest #mextagram_nuevosfiltros and I found the 3 photos I tagged via Instagram.

 posted 1y ago

idamianos idamianos

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Hi i know how to fix it ;) 100% work email to me

 posted 1y ago

dianapgonza dianapgonza

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I'm on my ipad and hashtags haven't been working for me for about a week now.

 posted 1y ago

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